We Can Use Dentures to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Dentures could be a good answer for individuals who have lost their teeth to be able to have a normal life when eating and during the day to day life. What number of teeth that have been lost does not matter with this tooth replacement option, dentures can enable an individual to chew and talk regularly again. There are three essential kinds of dentures that someone can have for their teeth replacement.

Steps to getting dentures

Either choice somebody picks they will need to have them fitted for their mouth. The following is a review of the ways and specifics of how dentures are completed.

Preparation for the dentures

The first visit when a person is getting another denture will require three stages are completed.

First will be a thorough examination. This will determine the general soundness of your mouth and discover any issues that may be present. One case of things we find is at times a patient has an abundance of fat tissue on their gums. This can influence the fitting of the dentures. A progression of X-rays will be taken to guarantee that the jawbone structure will be strong and ready enough for the dentures to fit. Next, an engraving of the gums will be taken and made utilizing a mortar that takes an impression of the mouth.

Central jaw relation

On the second visit, the focus will be on working to ensure that the teeth that were constructed are the correct size and adjusted so that there is no clicking of the jaw while talking or chewing. This is finished by using a sample set of dentures, to recreate what the dentures will be like, which are balanced until the point that they are an ideal fit. When this fit is impeccable and secure, we will send the edges to the research center to manufacture the teeth themselves.

Wax fitting

During the third visit, you will get the chance to see the real teeth that you will be using and attempt to try them on for the dentist to inspect. The specific being that the teeth will be tried on and the base of the dentures will, in any case, be moveable enough to have the ability to still slide on the gums. This fitting enables the dentist to get the last impressions that may be needed to send any changes to the research center, which will at that point make the last item that you will use for quite a long time to come.

Ready for your new dentures?

On the fourth visit, you will have the last steps done to get your dentures built for you. In the wake of knowing they fit effectively, you will be headed with your new teeth!

More questions about dentures and getting them?

If you have some additional questions about the steps of getting dentures, never hesitate to reach out to our office. We are more than happy to help you understand how things work and what to expect. Call us today!

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