The Best Options to Fix A Chipped Tooth

Chipping a tooth can be frustrating, and many individuals who do so do not understand the different options they have to fix the tooth. While your local dentist is likely to recommend you the best course of treatment, understanding the options to fix a chipped tooth and discussing them with your dentist is a great way to feel confident about the procedure you decide upon.

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth

There are multiple ways to fix a chipped tooth, and the best option is dependent upon the specific details, including how severe the chip is, what tooth has been cracked, and the patient’s budget.

The following are the four of the best options to fix a chipped tooth.

Composite bonding

One of the most common ways to fix a chipped tooth is for a dentist to use what is referred to as a "composite bonding." A composite bonding utilizes a putty placed on the teeth to fill in the area where the chip occurred. The entire process is typically finished within an hour, and it involves cleaning the tooth, applying the putty and using ultraviolet light to harden the composite. Composite bonding is ideal for smaller chipped teeth but is not always the best solution for teeth that have a large portion of the tooth missing.  

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are also very commonly utilized to fix a chipped tooth. Quite simply, a porcelain veneer is a cover for a cracked tooth, although it feels, functions and looks like your natural tooth. The veneer, which is created in a lab after your impression is taken, lasts for decades without needing any repairs or replacements. Porcelain veneers work well for covering up a small to midsize chip in a tooth, but it may not work well with chips that reach closer to the root or with patients that constantly grind their teeth.

Ceramic or metal crowns

A dental crown, also referred to as a tooth cap, is one of the most utilized dental procedures a dentist uses, and it applies to many oral health issues, including to fix a chipped tooth. A dental crown is simply a cap that is placed over a damaged tooth to restore the tooth’s function and appearance. A ceramic crown blends in much better with natural teeth, which means it works better to fix a chipped tooth in the front of the mouth. A metal crown is stronger, but it is not always the same shade as a natural tooth. Subsequently, metal crowns are reserved for less noticeable teeth that are used more when chewing.

Dental implant

Lastly, a dental implant is the best option to fix a chipped tooth when the chip extends down towards the root of the tooth. A dental implant is a surgical procedure that involves pulling the chipped or cracked tooth and replacing it with an artificial tooth that is attached to the “implant,” which fuses with the jawbone. A dental implant is rarely used to fix a chipped tooth, but most dentists see it as a last resort in the event a tooth could not be repaired.

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