How Does Smoking Affect Teeth?

Smoking not only affects the lungs and overall health of individuals, but it can also take a toll on teeth and oral health as well.

While the best way to avoid smoking affecting teeth is to try and stop smoking, at least it is helpful for smokers to be well-informed on how smoking can hurt their teeth in order to take the necessary precautions to avoid teeth damage.

Effects of smoking on teeth

Almost everyone understands that smoking is not healthy, but very few who smoke do what is necessary to keep a clean, healthy set of teeth.

The following are the four main ways smoking can affect teeth.

Teeth staining

The most common way smoking affects teeth is by leaving unwanted stains on teeth. In large part, the teeth staining caused by smoking can be attributed to the tar and nicotine found in tobacco, which inevitably leads to a yellow stain if proper oral care is not given to combat the smoking.

In fact, many long-time smokers experience dark yellow or even brown teeth from years of smoking without good oral hygiene. Not only is there the cosmetic effect of the teeth staining, but it is bad for overall oral health as well.

Gum disease

Gum disease is also highly prevalent in many who smoke frequently. Not only does smoking affect teeth in a major way, but it can also cause a lot of damage to gums, causing bacteria to viciously attack the gums on a constant basis.

In order to prevent gum disease when smoking, it is important to thoroughly brush two, if not three, times each day, use floss and mouthwash once or twice a day and visit the dentist regularly to ensure there are no issues with teeth or gums due to smoking.

Teeth decay

Smoking also puts individuals at an increased risk of suffering from teeth decay. The enamel in our mouth is very vulnerable to bacteria and acidic properties that can accumulate as a result of tobacco intake.

Additionally, restorative procedures to repair the teeth decay can become challenging due to smoking as well, making it difficult to apply crowns, bridges and other restorative options. In large part, this is due to the fact that smoking can also lead to gum recession, which makes it harder for restorative options to blend in with other teeth naturally.

Oral infection

Perhaps one of the more concerning effects of smoking on teeth is that it can lead to oral infection, which requires invasive dental procedures to treat. Smoking can also affect the bone area around teeth, causing severe oral health complications.

Even more concerning than an oral infection, smoking can also lead to mouth cancer, which can be potentially life-threatening since there are an abundance of blood vessels in the areas around the mouth. If smoking begins to lead to any severe oral health concerns or any minor oral issues, it is important to visit the dentist to determine the best form of treatment and prevention moving forward.

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