The Advantages of Family Dentistry in Laurel

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Family dentistry has numerous intrinsic advantages, both for you as the patient and for us as the provider of Laurel family dentistry services. For starters, the families who have overcome the idea of avoiding the dentist office discover they have much healthier teeth. This is because when a family, or an individual, comes in on a regular basis, it allows us to do two things. First, it allows us to examine your teeth, which in turn can lead to the early discovery of potential problems. When we discover potential problems early, family dentistry immediately goes to work resolving them before they become severe. Secondly, when you are in regularly, we keep your teeth clean and free from plaque. With less plaque, there is less opportunity for decay or cavities to set in. In addition to this, families who come in regularly tend to keep each other more accountable in oral hygiene routines, which again works to give you healthier teeth.


With all of this, the benefit to the dentist is that family dentistry works to build a level of trust and comfort usually shared with a family doctor. Over time, we build relationships with generations of our patients, which creates a sense of trust, and this trust allows the family to come in for the procedures they need with far less dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is real, but it is also enhanced when you are going to an unfamiliar place, surrounded by people you do not know, dealing with the smells and sounds of a medical office, and facing the dentist chair. On the other hand, patients who make it a habit to visit the family dentist do not have these issues. The familiarity of the setting, knowing the provider, and a level of comfort with the family dentistry services you have already been taking advantage of, like cleaning, helps most people ease some of their fears. The less anxious you are, the easier it is to diagnose and treat any number of ailments. Easier for us and less stressful for you, and in the world of family dentistry, that is a huge win for everyone.


In addition to the ability to help ease dental anxiety, having a family dentistry practice means we can make it easier for families to come in. The largest challenge most families face is having to go to numerous places at different times to treat each member of the family. What we have done to ease this situation is twofold. First, we have worked to bring all the possible family dentistry services in-house. This means that whatever you need, excluding extremely specialized services, you can find in the clinic. From cleaning to x-rays, extractions to root canals, braces to dentures, we provide services in all these areas so you never have to worry about where you are going for a provider. In addition to this, we will work with your schedule to make sure that you get appointments that work well together, maximizing the amount of work done on your family when you are in and ensuring you do not have to run back and forth a million times.

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