5 Health and Wellness Reasons To See a Cosmetic Dentist

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A cosmetic dentist is a type of dentist that focuses on the appearance of a patient’s teeth to ensure a beautiful smile. They work to enable patients to feel confident in the appearance of their smile.

What are the reasons to see a cosmetic dentist?

There are numerous procedures these dentists do to improve teeth. Here are the five most common reasons a dental patient should see this type of dentist:

1. Give patients confidence

Teeth are often the first thing people notice when looking at someone, so many patients feel embarrassed by a smile that is deemed less than perfect. There are numerous procedures that can be used to give patients a better smile, such as veneers, tooth-colored fillings, teeth whitening, dental implants and invisible braces. A beautiful and healthy smile can boost a patient’s confidence.

2. Help improve oral health

A cosmetic dentist provides services that are not solely based on appearances. These dentists work to improve a patient’s oral health and help with issues such as decayed teeth, as well as broken or crooked teeth. Dental problems can lead to periodontal disease and gingivitis and may cause serious health issues if not properly handled. Taking care of a patient’s oral health helps to also care for their overall health.

3. Provide a variety of procedures

There are a number of cosmetic dental treatments available that can help improve the health of a patient’s teeth and gums while enhancing the look of a smile. Some of the most common are smile makeovers, bonding, bridges, contouring and tooth reshaping.

4. Help treat sleep apnea

Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which breathing stops and starts repeatedly during the sleep cycle, can be treated by a cosmetic dentist. Obstructive sleep apnea causes the tongue to relax and block the airway, which results in a lack of oxygen. Sleep apnea affects the quality of sleep and can also be a risk to a patient’s health. An oral appliance, such as a CPAP machine, is used to treat sleep apnea and improve the quality of sleep in patients, as well as to stop snoring.

5. Treat bruxism

Bruxism is when a patient grinds and clinches the teeth together, particularly while sleeping. This can cause a variety of serious dental issues and can misalign a patient’s bite. Teeth can also wear down and bruxism can result in sensitivity in the teeth and gums and worn enamel. Teeth and jaw muscles often feel sore in patients with bruxism. Night guards that are custom made for each individual patient can be worn at night to help prevent grinding of the teeth.


A cosmetic dentist can help treat many different dental conditions that directly impact the teeth and the appearance of a patient’s teeth. There are many options available to help restore a smile so patients can be happy and confident and have a beautiful smile to show off.

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